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SeaNation, with an unrivalled track record, is your partner for planning, implementing and improving subsea operations. Through our backing with key hardware and engineering providers we are uniquely positioned to provide rapid and professional response to subsea asset management requirements.

Any element of vessel or rig based interface, through water well access system and management and in-well services are covered and backed by our track record.

Whether it is surface, subsea or subsurface we can help with engineering, operations and efficiency challenges.

Sea Nation provides surface well intervention services. Sea Nation provides surface well intervention services.


Project management for subsea operations is key to an safe and efficient operation. Requirement to tie in different service providers as well as generic and project specific handling equipment requires significant experience of integration and project management. SeaNation provides the depth of knowledge and experience to enable all aspects of surface management of subsea operations to be conducted with confidence. Our track record in vessel assessment for operations, management during operations and ability to deliver operational efficiencies is your key resource in tackling subsea operations.

Sea Nation provides surface, subsea and subsurface well intervention services


The key interface between wellhead and vessel and the ability to deliver the required services either at the subsea infrastructure or downhole is where the subsea project delivers the benefits to the asset owner. Interface management – assessed and assured prior to mobilization – is the key to efficient through the water column operations. Engineering aspects must be addressed ahead of time and anticipation of both normal and non-routine operations is key to the flexibility required to keep a job on track and deliver results. SeaNation track record of working with multiple systems, interfaces and industry hardware and controls is your reassurance of efficient and effective subsea operations.

Sea Nation provides surface, subsea and subsurface operations services.


Typically third party supply services must be managed within the realm of surface and subsea operations. This is best achieved through a thorough understanding of downhole conditions both expected and anticipated. SeaNation through a strong track record of well services covering the key supply elements of slickline, wireline and coiled tubing as well as completion operations enables service delivery through management of the surface and subsea aspects closely aligned and managed with the subsurface well services.

What we do

SeaNation is primarily focused on offshore asset management, subsea operations, life of field management and decommissioning. Through our approach of covering surface, subsea and subsurface we offer a seamless approach to operations but also a pick up / drop off access to our experience for specific discrete phases of operations management to provide cost effective support in the form you need and when you need it.

Additionally with a presence in both the US and the UK we are uniquely positioned to support operations in those regions. To capitalize upon our track record we look to work with companies who benefit from the integrated approach offered by SeaNation. We are broad in our approach with a view to developing connections both geographically and across business and industry sectors.

Consequently we offer opportunities in areas such as;

If you would like to pursue opportunities in the form of alliance partnerships, regional representative support as well as specific project management please contact us for further information and details.

Our detailed existing track record covers the following types of project amongst many other specific scopes of work;

Working closely with Interventek Subsea Engineering and PDL UK Ltd amongst others for business development and operational support provides a collective reach that improves capability and exposure for those companies wishing to align and work with us.


Trade and Industry Participation

As an active member of the energy and industry in the UK, USA and beyond, SeaNation can assist with rapid integration into areas of industry. If you are looking to develop new markets or new lines of business we can help with introductions, presentation, marketing and expansion. Through a multi-year track record of being a key participant in relevant niche areas of the energy industry we provide the reassurance of optimized business development.

Key exposure via SeaNation is obtained through active participation within the following organisations…

SeaNation can facilitate introduction to relevant affiliations through targeted involvement to producing effective exposure that builds meaningful relationships and commercial alliances.

Please contact us for more information on how this can be tailored for your needs in developing applications in new energy markets.


Commercial Alliances

Existing SeaNation alliances can be leveraged to benefit both access to and support for technology and engineering services. This approach enables rapid take up for specific projects particularly within subsea applications.

SeaNation is open to discussions with relevant companies that can provide technology progression and/or superior service opportunities in key operating areas relevant to the energy industry including deepwater subsea asset operations, subsea stimulation, well intervention and decommissioning with overall management supported by SeaNation.

Please contact us for information on areas of collaboration that can benefit both new and existing alliance partnerships.

Currently SeaNation is engaged with technology providers, major service companies and operators. We cover the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Brazil, SE Asia and the North Sea.


Interventek Subsea Engineering

Sea Nation partners with Interventek Subsea Engineering. Sea Nation provides surface well intervention services.

Our partnership with Interventek provides advanced subsea intervention and well control solutions for optimal safety.

Interventek’s advanced Revolution safety valve technology and subsea well entry systems are designed to support a wide range of operations across the full lifecycle of the well.

From exploration, appraisal, development, completion and intervention through to decommissioning, their fast-acting, fit-for-purpose solutions will improve project economics, safety and efficiency.


PDL Oil & Gas

Sea Nation partners with PDL Oil and Gas. Sea Nation provides surface well intervention services.

PDL engineers have pioneered the development of innovative analysis methodologies to assess upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas applications in the subsea, offshore and onshore environments.

These methodologies cover all of the global dynamic analysis (OrcaFlex) and local analysis (FEA & CFD) needs at a component and a system-level for both greenfield and brownfield developments across the whole life of field cycle, i.e., FEED, installation, commissioning, operations, life extension and decommissioning.


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