Deepwater Subsea Technology Provider

Deepwater Subsea Technology Provider

Don't Waste What We Have

Tremendous effort has gone in to creating production from exploration through to well construction and operations. With those assets in the ground it is our duty as custodians of the resources to produce them as efficiently as possible, maintain the life as long as possible and where feasible create a circular approach to asset management.

We acknowledge a carbon footprint, and corresponding offset, in this process but with a focus on minimizing the need for new development and obtaining the maximum in production efficiency we can all do our bit to proceed to greener energy production.


SeaNation links the engineering expertise, technology innovation and service capability of the UK offshore sector with the growing need for dedicated technology applications to operations in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

SeaNation applies key local knowledge in the UK regions to targeted providers of subsea and offshore technology capabilities with the applications of these technologies sought and developed through;

  • local US relationship development with key operators and service companies
  • provision of contracted expertise covering
    • project management,
    • budget and contract preparation
    • operational planning and support.

Screening of technology developments and providers, based upon the needs of subsea operations for clients and service providers in the US Gulf of Mexico and key deepwater areas of the world, SeaNation provides a unique collaborative service supporting and developing subsea operations requirements for clients with specific technology applications that give a commercial edge to deepwater applications.

Combining over 20 years of offshore and deepwater experience in both the UK, USA and beyond, SeaNation is expertly positioned to provide access, engineering support and management capability for field development, well operations and intervention as well as subsea process management and decommissioning applications.

Our Mission

To be the independent source for all subsea well operations, intervention and decommissioning operations and technical support.

SeaNation intends to be the preeminent subsea technology and engineering company engaged in field development, well operations and decommissioning.

Our goal is to improve overall asset management and production efficiency for clients and provide a sector leading return on investment.

SeaNation combines optimum technology and engineering management through targeted application of suppliers to end users. Our focus is on addressing client needs in key international areas covering all deepwater operating areas.

We are a partnership company, employee owned, focused, in order of priority, on;

  • Customer care and timely response
  • Employee welfare, well-being and happiness
  • Health, safety and environmental stewardship exceeding operating requirements
  • Optimum financial returns for our investors and stakeholders

The cascade through the above focus areas ensures maximum benefit in all areas as a result of this order of priorities.

Our Purpose

To assist with identifying operational requirements and access requirements enabling successful projects.

To support technical selection of surface, subsea and subsurface systems, components and services.

To provide access to unparalleled market, technology and commercial know how.

SeaNation exists to better serve our clients and partners, to exceed their expectations in terms of service quality, timely response and professional approach to health, safety and environmental responsibility.

We are an international operating company, but we do not forget why our employees come to work. The following indicates the focus and commitment of our employees to what is important to them and therefore to SeaNation.

Through the dedication and efforts of our employees SeaNation is extremely proud to support the following societies, agencies and activities;

  • National Autistic Society – UK
  • Booktrust – US and UK
  • Camphill Worldwide – US and UK
  • MS150 Bike for MS – US
  • Sierra Club – US
  • Amnesty International – Worldwide

Our Values

Focused – we champion the subsea well operations market place.

Knowledge and Expertise – we share our knowledge, experience and technical expertise to support your goals.

Constructive – we optimize existing subsea assets through continued development of efficient subsea well operations.


SeaNation provides support for...

Subsea Well Access Systems – design and implementation.
Vessels – capability, assessment and classification.
Handling – design and operations.
Asset owners – operational planning.
New Technology – input and assessment.
Market Development – global reach and assessment.


SeaNation supports operations at a number of levels through...

  • Provision of direct personnel support as required either office or offshore for subsea well operations.
  • Operational planning, logistics and project management for deepwater operations.
  • Contract review and negotiation for both short and long term prospects.
  • Naval architect and marine engineering with on-site construction support.
  • Decommissioning programme preparation, assessment and operational management for subsea assets.


SeaNation, through partner and alliance arrangements can provide personnel to meet the requirements for the support and application of technology and services necessary to ensure the efficient operation of subsea assets.

Existing personnel are well versed in all aspects of commercial negotiations and operational planning with specific expertise relating to subsea well operations, subsea processing, subsea installation and subsea decommissioning.

Please contact us for your specific requirements and the ideal personnel support can be tailored for your operations.


SeaNation provides very specific training targeted at companies who are looking to establish, expand or introduce new personnel to subsea well operations.

SeaNation training content is focused for efficient transfer and delivery and provides a continuing reference for subsea well operations covering;

  • Surface Operations - Specialist vessel interface and configuration
  • Subsea Operations - Hardware configuration types and options
  • Subsurface Operations - In-well tooling and operational requirements

SeaNation provides the experience and knowledge to link the three key operational areas and provide an overview with unparalleled capability to tie it together in a cohesive and useful reference document for existing and future operations.


SeaNation as your alliance partner can assist with new technology introduction either through direct contact with regulators or via end users. Additionally constantly evolving standards can prove tricky to navigate however SeaNation can assist with ensuring a smooth transition with compliance based upon regulations or a new operating region or application.

Every requirement is unique but with SeaNation expertise and knowledge base we can assure you of minimum time and cost impact to integrate new technologies and services.


Trade and Industry Participation

As an active member of the subsea community both in the UK and the US, SeaNation can assist with rapid integration into deepwater areas based upon the industry know how that comes through being a key participant in relevant niche areas of the subsea industry.

Key exposure via SeaNation is obtained through active participation within the following organisations…

SeaNation can facilitate introduction to the above affiliations with targeted involvement to produce the most effective exposure to build meaningful relationships and commercial alliances.

Please contact us for more information on how this can be tailored for your needs in developing applications in new deepwater subsea areas.


Commercial Alliances

Existing SeaNation alliances are commercially sensitive and confidential, however SeaNation is open to discussions with relevant companies that can provide technology progression and/or superior service opportunities in the key operating areas of deepwater subsea asset operations including subsea stimulation, well intervention and decommissioning with overall management supported by SeaNation.

Please contact us for information on areas of collaboration that can benefit both new and existing alliance partnerships.

Currently SeaNation is engaged with technology providers, major service companies and operators. We cover the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Brazil, SE Asia and the North Sea.


Interventek Subsea Engineering

SeaNation partners with Interventek Subsea Engineering

Our partnership with Interventek provides advanced subsea intervention and well control solutions for optimal safety.

Interventek’s advanced Revolution safety valve technology and subsea well entry systems are designed to support a wide range of operations across the full lifecycle of the well.

From exploration, appraisal, development, completion and intervention through to decommissioning, their fast-acting, fit-for-purpose solutions will improve project economics, safety and efficiency.


PDL Oil & Gas

SeaNation partners with PDL Oil and Gas

PDL engineers have pioneered the development of innovative analysis methodologies to assess upstream, midstream and downstream oil & gas applications in the subsea, offshore and onshore environments.

These methodologies cover all of the global dynamic analysis (OrcaFlex) and local analysis (FEA & CFD) needs at a component and a system-level for both greenfield and brownfield developments across the whole life of field cycle, i.e., FEED, installation, commissioning, operations, life extension and decommissioning.

Colin Johnson

about us


Established as a partnership in the US in 2015, and now also in the UK, SeaNation LLC is a registered Texas company under the directorship of Colin Johnston.

Colin has a background in North Sea well services, topside facility commissioning and operations and land based cementing and well stimulation. Internationally he expanded the application of well services and coiled tubing drilling in Norway, Germany, Canada, US Gulf of Mexico and Venezuela with Nowsco and Baker Hughes.

More recently the advent of dedicated subsea well operations led to the combination of well service operations applied from custom designed well intervention vessels to address the growing number and increasing age of subsea wells. Colin was instrumental in developing the first dedicated well intervention semi-submersible vessel in the Gulf of Mexico with the market there growing to three vessels, with a total of six vessels worldwide, during the 13 years of operations with Helix Energy Solutions Group.

SeaNation capitalizes on this multi-faceted exposure of well services, subsea operations as well as production enhancement and ownership to deliver the subsea expertise required of both technology suppliers and end users enabling optimization of their key subsea assets.

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